Who are Willy & Noura?

Willy and Noura, who are both partners in their professional and personal life, are international dancers, choreographers and Caribbean dance instructors since 2011. In 2014 they have been world champions in the Hong Kong Salsa Congress Championship, performing a choreography of Colombian salsa. Willy and Noura have studied at a competitive level at the “Fuego Latino Roma dance instructors” school directed by Simone Ripa and certified by FIDS. After this experience, they have specialized in the study of Los Angeles Style salsa and Colombian salsa with Marvin Ramos, dancer and choreographer; they have also deepened the study of musicality, culture and technique with Pedro Gomez and other internationally renowned salsa and bachata artists.

Willy and Noura are passionate and disseminators of the Traditional or Dominican Bachata and they officially start their professional career in 2015. Currently they are recognized all over the world in the artistic cast of the most important and representative congresses, with a remarkable amount of workshops and shows, performing in the most prestigious and famous stages together with the most important and well-known artists.

Since 2015 they have been reconfirmed in the artistic cast of the most famous congresses, including:

Europe Bachata Master (Milan) – Bachata Day (Milan) – Dancin Bachata Fusion Festival (Milan) – Salamanca Bachata Festival (Salamanca) – Bachatea World Congress (Madrid) – To Dance Latin Festival (Turin) – Lions Bachatea Festival (Alicante) – Paris Bachata Festival (Paris) – Munich Salsa Congress (Munich) – BCN Sensual (Barcelona) – New Jersey bachata festival (USA) -Russian Bachata festival (Russia) and many others.

Moreover, they are scheduled to perform in many other international and intercontinental congresses and festivals, such as in the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Dominican Republic, China, USA, Romania, Denmark, Austria and many others.

Furthermore, since 2018 they have started their Choreographic Project called “DOMINICAN FUSION AROUND THE WORLD”, that is divided in two levels and is currently active in Italy (Sicily, Puglia and Marche) and in China.

They are also choreographic directors and responsible for managing foreign artistic relationships for the “ADN Bachata” project established in the Dominican Republic by Mr. Victor Minaia, in collaboration with Unesco; thanks to this project they have been invited to perform in Santo Domingo (Mata de Santa Cruz) in a live concert held by Anthony Santos, the most famous bachata singer and also a representative of the AND bachata project.


Willy was born in Lima, Peru, in 1988.

He began to approach the salsa world thanks his sister’s encouragement and insistence, as she recognized her brother’s potential talent and real passion for dancing and decided to enroll him in a school that was specialized in this discipline.
At the age of 18, he started his career as a dancer in Italy with Simone Ripa, teacher of the “Fuego Latino” school.
Very soon he moved to competition, competing in Class A2.


Noura was Born in Rome in 1988.

She approached the dance world at the age of 4/5, attending preparatory lessons for classical dance at the D’ART school in Rome.
Two years later, she joined the “Maison De La Danse” French Academy, directed by Denys Ganio, a great dancer, choreographer and “etoile” of the Marseille Ballet company, who was well established in the decade between the 80s and the 90s. Among his teachers: Emanuela Cerreto (Accademia di Roma), Cristiana Milioni (Teatro dell’Opera di Roma), Virginie Morgan (Operà di Parigi). For several years she has also attended piano lessons with the pianist Mariana Bolojovi (Bolshoi of Moscow).
She made her debut as a semi-professional dancer at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome, but, when she was 16 years old, she had to abandon this dance career because the full-time commitment that was required became irreconcilable with her high school studies.
She started to learn and study other dance disciplines (i.e. modern dance, Hip Hop, belly dance with the Syrian teacher -Mona- at the IALS dance school in Rome). In 2011 she started studying and practicing Caribbean dances at the “Fuego Latino” dance school in Rome.
She showed, in a short time, an incredible talent and a natural versatility that allowed her to join many Class A2 – competitions.

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